Leadership Pipeline

We, as an organization, recognize that poverty is not limited to material needs or economic status but it's a symptom of brokenness. In order to address poverty we must first address the brokenness. As a part of our Leadership Pipeline we invite an individual into our process to address establishing peace (or shalom) the following areas:  Shalom with God, self, others, and creation. Our process is a long-term partnership with each individual that works through relationship and mentorship to address each of those areas and break cycles that may be preventing shalom.


Ways to Donate

With the amazing opportunity (thanks to donors and Cafe Fear Collective) to house the participants of our Leadership Pipeline we are proud to own our first house in Wilmington, NC!! Some creative ways you can support the folks who will be living there are:

Order off our Registry

Donate almost new items*

*As a group that works to restore the dignity in all people (as image bearers) we want to honor those who will be living in the house by providing new or slightly used items only. If you want to donate furniture please send photos and a descriptions to info@vigilanthope.com

You can also read more about the leadership pipeline by scrolling down.

what does it entail?

As a part of the Leadership Pipeline, participants are hand selected and prayed over for at least 30 days before being asked to apply. Participants are then interviewed to determine what their individual immediate needs are, what their long term goal are, and if they are ready for the one on one mentorship and skills building that we offer. In order to begin to work on personal and professional development we first provide the individual with everything they need on a basic level: Housing, Transportation, Utilities, and as necessary help applying for government assistance. 

How do Participants Benefit?

Through one on one mentorship, skills training, and stable employment, Vigilant Hope provides the Pipeline participants with:

  • Housing
  • Spiritual growth
  • Life skills
  • Job training
  • A support community
  • Access to healthcare and substance abuse services as needed
  • Leadership training

We believe that once someone has access to the space and freedom to pursue shalom (with God, Creation, Self, and Others) that they will begin to heal and emerge as leaders in their own communities.

How You can Partner with us

In order to provide the necessary things for this program to succeed we have to raise significant funds and supplies. The estimated cost for one participant per year is roughly $40,000 (This provides housing, salary, access to healthcare, cell phone, transportation, etc). Through the generosity of our donors we have secured a house to provide a safe place for our participants to stay. And we want to bless those participants with a space that feels dignified, safe, and peaceful. 

We are looking for donations to furnish the house and below are some creative ways you can help:

  • Sponsor a room
  • Sponsor an appliance
  • Donate lightly used items (please no stains, rips, etc)
  • Purchase from our registry