The Roastery

Vigilant Hope has always believed all people have value, dignity, and something to offer their community.  This was one of the main foundations our organization was started 10 years ago, that every person we come in contact with will find hope, life and love through Jesus Christ. For several years creating a sustainable way to create opportunities for empowerment and employment in the lives of our friends has been very close to our hearts.

Our locally roasted, fair trade coffee -- sourced from around the globe -- is offered for sale to individuals and churches throughout the region, fueling our newest program, Business on a Mission. Vigilant Hope’s newest venture is designed to offer employment opportunities and job training in our community.

We believe that God created us with the desire to be productive and enjoy our work. Through your donations and purchase of our delicious coffee, we can open doors for others who wish to empower their lives through productivity and dignity.

Check out our Roastery Cafe:

24 South 16th Street Wilmington, NC 28401