Meet our Staff

  • Jeremy Hardy

    Executive Director

    Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Executive Director (ED) has an overall strategic and operational responsibility for Vigilant Hopes staff, programs, expansion, and execution of its mission. He develops a deep knowledge of field, core programs, operations, and business plans.

  • Meghan Hardy

    Content Manager/Host Port City Project

    Meghan has over 10 years of ministry experience and has a deep passion for youth development. And Meghan oversees all aspects of communicating via social media and marketing. She also acts as a host for Port City Project.

  • Greg Graham

    Workforce Development  

    Greg supports community gatherings by overseeing general maintenance on the shower trailer, providing support to all staff at meals, helps lead devotions, greets city wide/volunteer members, and ensures that the community meals and showers run smoothly. 

  • Laura Bullock

    Operations Coordinator

    Laura plays a huge role in helping our city get connected in serving our city via our education programs and community gatherings.  She creates systems that will ensure that all operations of Vigilant Hope run smoothly.

  • Kyle Pennington

    Community Engagement Coordinator

    Kyle plays a huge role of Vigilant Hope continuing to understand the needs of our friends in poverty while taking those needs to the body of Christ to help to end poverty.  His heart beats with the city and stays in tune with it so we can understand the needs.

  • Kristina Ritter

    Executive Assistant

    Kristina handles the day-to-day communications for the Executive director. She operates as the organization's gatekeeper while handling the administrative side of Vigilant Hope.

  • Jason Mitchell

    Vigilant Hope Roasting Coordinator/Community Engagement

    Jason plays a huge role in developing Vigilant Hope Roasting  to help our friends get out of poverty and ensuring all aspects of the business gets done in a proper and timely manner.  He also continues to keep a heartbeat with the needs of the community.

  • Jenny Smith

    Community Advocate/Donation Coordinator

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  • Tone McDuffee

    Community Advocate

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  • Devin Coombs

    Cafe Manager

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  • Ashely Spivey

    PCP Director

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