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Change your world with Vigilant Hope

Is your church or organization interested in partnering with us to help make a difference in YOUR community? If you want to learn more about how you can have an immediate impact on your community by partnering with Vigilant Hope, we offer creative solutions for how to start practical outreach programs for your community by providing:   

  • Urban outreach training
  • Statistical support                             
  • Program plans that meet your needs  
  •  Educational Curriculum                     
  •  Volunteer support and training


If you are excited about the vision of Vigilant Hope, and would like to share it with your friends, colleagues, congregation, mission committee , or conference please contact us . We would love to come share our vision for outreach with anyone who would listen. We believe that amazing things happen when individuals come together to make a REAL difference in the community, and we would love to spread that message of hope to you and yours

Financial Partners

Families, churches, foundations, and businesses all over the country are joining us in our efforts to provide hope for at-risk families and students. We are committed to offering our programs to families for FREE, so that help can make it to those who need it most. We cannot make this happen without the generous support of our Financial Partnerships.