Vigilant Hope Inc. is the vision of Daniel and Hannah Walters, and was formed in 2006 with the help of Dr. Jimmy Carr. Married in 2006, the Walters have dedicated their lives to serving Jesus through loving those around them. Their heart beat is to meet the needs of those who slip through the cracks of society, and to encourage the "haves" to invest in the "have nots". 

Hannah and Daniel have spent many years serving the urban community. Whether volunteering in the food pantry of a local outreach, tutoring urban kids or feeding the homeless, the Walters feel called to help the poor. 

In 2006, the Walters moved to West Virginia to work with at-risk youth. The call to the Appalachian Mountains provided them with an opportunity to put their vision for outreach into action as they began creating programs that would meet the needs of that community. The Walters started after school programs, teen outreach programs, volunteer training seminars, college outreach events, poverty simulations, and missions programs that partnered youth groups from all over the country with families in need of home repair.