Please note we no longer offer Thursday Night Meals/Showers:

For the time being the Vigilant Hope staff is taking the time to pray and seek the Lord's guidance on how to move forward with a program that will not only help to lift those in poverty up but to also meet the immediate needs of the Greenfield St area. 

As a staff we are praying, learning, and seeking guidance on a program that will better fit the needs of the area. If you live in the area and want to be a part of our discussion please email for more information on how to be involved.

Reminder Since the clothing closet it still closed until further notice we can NOT accept and clothing donations at this time.

The Salvation Army is currently not accepting any new residents at this time.  Since the Covid-19 Outbreak the local health department is monitoring the program for 28 days and have asked that new people not be admitted during this time.  All residents housed in shelter can remain and those that test positive for Covid-19 are moved into motels to quarantine.  The earliest that can be expected for taking in new clients would be July 5th if there are no more positive test results.

Cape Fear Food council has created a map of food resources:

Interactive Map of Food in New Hanover County

Update April 9, 2020//

Food Distribution Update: Click here

Update April 6, 2020//


New Hanover County Schools COVID-19 Update for Friday, April 3, 2020

This statement supersedes all previous communication. Please note that this information is accurate as of April 3, 2020 - 1:45 PM. We are continuing to monitor this evolving situation, and we will provide updates.

NHCS Meal Service Program

Beginning Monday, April 6, NHCS will expand the current Curbside Grab & Go Meal Program to include one additional school and six additions/changes to bus stop locations. 

Expanding meal service to Murray Middle School will bring the total number of school sites to 21 locations. Six new or changed bus stop locations are:

  • Murrayville Port-o-Pines MHC

  • North Chase Apartments

  • New Providence Park Apartments (Coddington Loop)

  • Cape Cottage Apartments

  • Environments Unlimited, Ponderosa MHC (Replacing the stop at Jacksonville and Franklin Street)

  • Pine Terrace MHC, Bell St. and Crossover (Replacing the stop at Scooters)

Meal services will not be in operation on Friday, April 10. An additional snack will be provided with all meals on Thursday, April 9. 

Visit NHCS Child Nutrition ( for information in English and Spanish, including a complete list of school sites, bus delivery schedules, and bus stop locations. Meals can be pre-ordered online. For those without Internet access, meals can be pre-ordered by calling 910-254-4212.

Update March 25, 2020//

We have an Amazon Wish List started here for supplies to be sent directly to us for distribution.

Or we are accepting monetary donations online through our giving portal:

Click here

Click "Sign In"  or select "Give Now"

Select "Covid-19 Resources" from the drop down menu

Due to our own limits with in person banking now we are asking for donations to be make online if possible instead of mailing in checks.

Please note Lake Forest's Clothing Closet is CLOSED until further notice

Update March 19, 2020//

For a list of available food and meals please click here.

Update March 16, 2020//

Poverty Forum and Urban Intensive classes have been canceled until further notice. 

Vigilant Hope is not taking the risks of COVID-19 lightly and we want to assure our community of all the necessary precautions to have a safe environment for our staff, volunteers, and community. We will not be cancelling meals or showers at this time, however, we will be making changes effective immediately. 

We will still be offering meals at the same locations but in a “to go” format with bagged meals. This allows minimal physical contact and still ensures that food is getting into the community as needed. 
For the shower trailers we will be following the CDC guidelines for disinfecting surfaces to ensure the safety of our volunteers as well as those who use the facilities. The shower trailer will be running on a slightly earlier schedule to accommodate the new meal format.

If you are a group leader who is already signed up for a meal in the next few weeks and have any questions or need suggestions on how fill in the gaps for volunteers please email us at or

We want to respect the safety of our volunteers and community. So we are working to keep the needs met on both sides as we venture into this new challenge. 

If you are looking for a way to support us during this time while still partaking in a self quarantine we are in need of more cleaning supplies, towels, and are asking for non-perishable food donations. You can always donate financially which will keep our programs and areas of assistance to the community running. 

We hold firm to the confidence we are not alone in all this and that God will provide all our needs.

Temporary Schedule


8:00-11:30am- Shower Trailer

8:30am- Bagged Breakfast

Location:  Lake Forest Baptist Church, 

1626 Lake Branch Dr., 28401


10am- 1pm- Shower Trailer

Location:  Lake Forest Baptist

1626 Lake Branch Drive, 28401


6:15pm- Bagged Dinner

Location: The Lord’s Church

   Corner of 5th and Greenfield

8am- 10:30am Shower Trailer
            9am-10:00am Bagged Breakfast

Location: Lake Forest Baptist

       1626 Lake Branch Drive, 28401