Community Engagement

Gathering Together

Come and eat with us!

At Vigilant Hope we work to be an active part of the communities we are in by eating together, praying together, and being in relationship with one another. 


Access to Hygene

Something many people take for granted is access to running water. When Vigilant Hope first began talking to people who faced homelessness we learned that a lack of access to showers was a huge problem in Wilmington, NC. So we launched a shower trailer to provide hygiene supplies and hot showers throughout the week. 

Find the weekly schedule here


Breaking Bread Together

Join us for a community meal throughout the week! 

At Vigilant Hope we threw away the idea of a soup kitchen and decided instead to focus on family meals. We gather around the table as a community to eat and share our lives together. 

On nSaturdays we have breakfast from 8am-10am at Lake Forest Baptist Church (1626 Lake Branch Drive)

Thursdays we have a potluck from 6pm-7:30pm at our offices (20 S. 16th St). Bring a dish or a willingness to set up/clean up.

Bible Study and Prayer

Spiritual Growth

After Breakfast on Monday mornings if you stick around you will witness a beautiful time as we worship and pray together as a community. It is not a requirement but the doors are always open for anyone who wants to participate as we worship together.

Thursdays we offer a Bible study for anyone who wants to grow in the Word of God together. We gather at the offices at 4pm (20 S 16th St) and support each other as we ask questions and dive deeper together.

Garden Co-Op

Partnership with Rise Up Community Farm

On Thursdays at the Roastery we are a distribution center for produce boxes from Rise Up Community Farm. Through this partnership we provide our Southside Community access to fresh produce and a hands on opportunity to work in the garden. The produce is also available for purchase through the link below:

Order Produce