A c t   J u s t l y.     L O v e   M e r c y.    w a l k    h u m b l y.

    Vigilant Hope is a modern missions organization. 

We exist to educate, equip and empower the body of Christ to

reach those in need through the hope of the gospel.

Urban Missionaries

Vigilant Hope Urban Missionaries are on the front lines battling poverty. They are actively serving Christ in low-income communities, homeless camps and shelters. They invest time and resources into those in need. Through intentional relational efforts, our urban missionaries empower and encourage those they are blessed to meet. The relational aspect of our organization also allows our urban missionaries greater insight into the needs of the community and bridges the gap between the community and the Church. 


Vigilant Hope Outreach Programs are specially designed to connect you with those in need through relational outreach.


Walking Together Meals is the term we use for our meals that are offered 4x a week. We are able to sit down and share a meal with homeless and at-risk individuals and families. Meals, as well as the shower trailer are the catalysts for our mission to build relationships with those in the community. 

Shower Trailer We have a mobile shower trailer available 4x a week for anyone without access to shower facilities or running water.

catalyst Programs

Our Educational Programs are aimed at challenging and preparing believers to become the hands and feet of Jesus. Our desire is to illuminate the issues of poverty in our own country and around the world while inviting the Church to actively reach out to those in need of hope. We believe our greatest hope and the answer to poverty, both material and spiritual, is found in Christ.

Poverty Simulation is an experiential learning environment that takes participants through a 48 hour simulation of real poverty. 

Port City Project is a weeklong missions experience for students. We share a meal with the hungry, serve alongside the homeless and aim to restore dignity in the urban community through home repair and beautification projects.

Engaging Homelessness Forum Many of us encounter people who may be experiencing homelessness & wonder what is the best approach for engaging our homeless neigbors. This short forum will share some insight into the true needs of the homeless community & how to best serve in a dignifying manner. You will hear from some of our Urban Missionaries and from those who have been through homelessness.